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Regression Testing is a part of Functional Testing Services which ensures that the modifications like functional enhancements, bug fixes, patches, and releases did not introduce new errors into the existing codes or to check whether modifications successfully eliminated existing errors.

Ensuring optimum test coverage and quality assurance has become difficult with the shorter software release cycles generally. That’s why businesses face a real challenge in getting Regression Testing at a proper cost, keeping a lower maintenance cost and to accelerate the releases of system test.

Regression Testing services provided by Zyne Ventures offer maximum test coverage with a minimum number of test cases, which leads to the minimal cost of appraisal and risk.

The innovative approach our team enables us to identify impacted functionalities effectively, as the application progresses from one release to another. We follow gap analysis to identify risk areas in the current regression test and build up data strategy.

Commonly Used Regression Testing Methods

As the world’s largest pure-play testing organization, we understand the importance of performance engineering to ensure your application will handle the heavy traffic surge without a dip in performance.

Retest All Approach

A retest all approach aims to re-test the entire software suite. Usually, majority of testing is automated using a wide range of assorted tools and test-led development practices. However, lack of human intervention could also be led to increase in errors. So, it’s imperative to have an error monitoring tool.

Regression Test Selection

This software regression testing technique is a way of selecting the most appropriate test case to ensure that it delivers the correct result. It thus enables a tester to select a valid set of test cases to make sure the unmodified part of the program is error free.

Test Case Prioritization

The goal in this Regression testing approach is to prioritize a limited set of test cases such that the more potentially impactful tests are executed ahead of all less critical tests.

Hybrid Regression Testing

The Hybrid regression testing combines test selection and test case prioritization techniques. Here, the selected test cases from a test suite are prioritized for re-execution.

What to Expect with Zyne Ventures’ Fully Managed Regression Testing?

Have you modified your code to address a change in requirements?

Or, perhaps you’ve added a new feature?

What about a recent fix to address a defect or performance issue?

In any of these cases, it helps to take a pass of your software to ensure you’ve not impacted functionality.

What is regression testing if not to assure that zero unwanted changes in your app functionality occur after changing software code?

Initiate your Regression Testing with Zyne Ventures

We have a team that has extensive, hands-on experience with the leading tools for automating and optimizing your regression testing processes. We can help you take full advantage of these capabilities to maximize your ROI.

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Rapid Results with Our Regression Testing Capability

With Zyne Ventures, you can expect rapid results with our tried-and-true regression testing capability.

Deep dive

As part of your onboarding, we offer an end-to-end, full pass regression test to ensure we understand the entire app and the scope of a full pass. This step allows us to pick apart your app and learn the complete functionality.

Flexible approach

We align ongoing regression testing with your needs by conducting the most efficient testing runs, including: Smoke tests. New feature testing. Prior test cases execution. A mix of regression and focused functional testing.


For many clients, we also perform exploratory testing with every test pass, which finds the best issues and delivers the most value.

Lighten the load

We then lighten your workload by creating and managing your tests within the Zyne Ventures’ management services.


We verify bug fixes on different devices while running your test cycles.

Our Approach for Regression Testing at
Zyne Ventures

The failure of regression can only be found very late in the cycle of found by the customers. Having a well-defined methodology for regression can prevent such costly misses. Zyne Ventures’ regression testing approach ensures that the defects do not seep through and the existing functionalities work properly.
Our approach follows.

Our Expertise At Zyne Ventures


Our team has extensive, hands-on experience with the leading tools for automating and optimizing your regression testing processes. We can help you take full advantage of these capabilities to maximize your ROI with them.



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