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Why does your business need risk analysis & business impact

Why does your business need risk analysis & business impact analysis?

A Risk Analysis (RA) will identify the threats and vulnerabilities faced by your organization and whether or not controls are in place to mitigate the risks.

A Business Impact Analysis (BIA) identifies a company’s exposure to sudden loss of critical business functions and supporting resources, due to an accident, disaster, emergency, and/or threat. The BIA involves assessing both financial and non- financial (customer service, market confidence, creditor or supplier confidence) costs during business disruption and business restoration periods.

The output of the Risk Analysis is a list of the loss types for which your business is vulnerable and has no controls in place.

The output of a Business Impact Analysis is used to prioritize the order in which business services are restored after a business interruption.
We are a leading provider of the Business Resilience Management suite of solutions. Through a refined system, we offer a business continuity training center, document storage, tabletop testing templates, emergency messaging, business continuity planning platform, advisory services, and workspace recovery.

Work with the Best Business Resilience Experts

Proceed with Confidence

Know that you’re following the right path by building sound backup practices that will minimize risks.

Meet Business Goals

Deliver on recovery time and recovery point objectives by putting an expertly designed plan into action.

Control Your Costs

Eliminate the need to add a full-time expert to your team without sacrificing vital disaster recovery know-how.

Professional & Outclass Business Resilience Services that Zyne Ventures offer

Backup and Recovery Assessment

Review backup practices and receive expert recommendations.

Role Swap Testing (RST)

Ensure you can switch to your target system when disaster strikes.

Business Continuity Architecture

Get expert guidance on the best technology for your environment.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Take advantage of managed high availability hosting and monitoring plus HA software and cloud backup services.

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Plan Review

Zyne Ventures is technology and professional services solution provider. Our unique approach to unravel efficiency, digitization and customer centricity, enable our clients to envision, build and run more innovative and efficient businesses.

Review and audit your plan with your BCP team, C-level management or department heads to ensure alignment across the organization. This exercise is helpful to identify gaps or updates, train new team members, or as a part of regular onboarding.



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