Infrastructure As Code

Infrastructure As Code

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Infrastructure as Code – Security Risks and How to Avoid Them

How many times have you done a repetitive server task that could have been automated using code? Manually completing repetitive tasks has probably increased delivery time, as well as potential errors. However, infrastructure as code (IaC) can eliminate these and other problems.

In this report, we identify security risk areas in IaC implementations and the best practices in securing them in hybrid cloud environments.

This enables developers to automatically manage and provision the infrastructure applications needed, using software instead of manual processes when configuring operating systems and hardware. It uses the same versioning that DevOps teams often use in source code. Because just as source code always creates the same binary, IaC creates the same environment every time it’s used and can manage physical equipment as well as virtual machines.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a key DevOps practice that bolsters agile software development.

Business Benefits of Infrastructure as Code

Each company from startup to enterprise can have these explicit advantages:

Faster Deployment & Often Features Releases

Since almost all repeatable manual tasks are automated, developers are focused on features release and code updates.

Task Prioritization

Developers spend their time on more efficient tasks at the production and optimization levels. Boring and routing tasks on the infrastructure level are automated.

Documented Desired State of the Infrastructure

You describe the desired state of the infrastructure by means of templates which maintain this desired state.

Measurable Results

You can measure the SLA adherence and track infrastructure efficiency metrics.

Generic Solution

Infrastructure as code can be applied to any system running on a cloud, virtualized systems, or even directly on physical hardware.

Transparent Ecosystem

Infrastructure as code enables versioning control. All changes are visible and can be rolled back, if the action was undesired.

Our Infrastructure as Code Expertise

We provide end-to-end solutions of any complexity.

Infrastructure As Code Design from Scratch
Tooling definition and selection

Infrastructure automation strategy design and road mapping

End-to-end implementation

Maintenance and optimization
Infrastructure As Code Implementation Service

Current infrastructure evaluation, elimination of bottleneck

Preparation of the infrastructure for automation

Tech stack selection/span>

Infrastructure as code implementation

Maintenance and optimization

Infrastructure As Code Consulting
Tech stack consulting Disaster recovery Professional advice on current infrastructure optimization
IT Infrastructure Audit
Audit of current infrastructure health Recommendations on enhancement and elimination of bottlenecks Ongoing consulting and control of the optimization execution

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